• Executive (Y-W) Series


Features Filter  Anti Dust
Catechin Filter
Acaro Bacterium(Red)
Silver Ion
Fin Hydrophylic Aluminium
Copper tubes Inner Grooved
IDU LED Display
Self Diagnosis
Anti Fungal
Auto Restart
Remote Sleep Mode
LCD Remote
Glow Buttons
Dual Temp Display
Air Vent Cross Flow
Model   15V EY-W
Star Rating   NA
Cooling Capacity: Rated (Min. - Max.)  Watt 4000(510~4200)
Rated Current- Cooling  Amps 5.5
Power Input- Cooling: Rated (Min. - Max.)        Watt 1235(240~1450)
EER Cooling : Rated(Min.-Max)   W/W 3.24(2.13~2.9)
Power Supply V/Hz/Ph 230 / 50 / 1 Phase
Fan Speed(Indoor)     3 Speed
Air Flow Volume - Indoor CMH ≥600
*Noise Level - Indoor ..dB(A) 42/39/36/33
*Noise Level - Outdoor ..dB(A) 59
Wide Operating Voltage Range   V 187~253
Operating Temp Range Cooling   Deg C 18°C~46°C
Operating Temp Range Heating   Deg C -10°C~20°C
Operation   LCD Remote
Compressor Type    High EER Rotary - BLDC
Refrigerant Gas   R410A
Indoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD)  mm 845 x 275 x 180
Indoor Unit Net / Gross Weight  Kg 11/14.
Outdoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD)  mm 776 x 540 x 320
Outdoor Unit Net / Gross Weight  Kg 29/33
Connecting Pipe  type Cu-Cu(3/8" & 1/4")
Connecting Pipe Length   Metre 5
  • These savings are based on 8Hrs of AC running for 365 Days
  • The Compressor run hour is considered as 70% of the total hours which effectively means the AC runs for 5Hrs 36Minutes per Day
  • Based on Electricity cost of Rs. 5/- per Unit
  • Under test conditions