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Introducing Voltas All Weather Inverter AC with an intuitive, digital, technology that automatically sets the room temperature to an optimal cooling level, resulting in temperature fluctuation and 40% savings on electricity bills. So you get more comfort at less, cost, from india's largest selling AC brand.

Efficiency of an Inverter AC
Voltas Assurance
All Weather Advantage
Benefit of the all new Brushless DC Motor
Technical Specifications

'Noise level reflects the level in anechoic chamber, power supply in all AC models is 230/50/1 phase (/Hz/Ph). All the above performance data are at rated conditions. As a continuing policy of product innovation at VOLTAS, the design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The visuals of the product shown above are respresentative only. Actual product might differ from the one shown above.

The above comparison is over a non-star rated AC. The Annual Saving Comparison is calculated at part load condition. Data is based on studies conducted in controlled conditions at a Voltas laboratory using Voltas products.