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Star Rated AC

At the heart of every Voltas AC is a state of the art energy efficient compressor that uses electricity wisely. Add to it various power saving technologies and you have got an AC that ensures perfect cooling. While keeping the running cost minimum. No wonder, Voltas ACs score high on star rating as per the bureau of energy Efficiency (bee), an autonomous body under the ministry of power, govt of India. So go ahead and bring home the AC that cares for your money as much as you do.

What is star rating?

It is an initiative undertaken by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), an autonomous body under the ministry of power, govt of India. BEE now issues a label after accessing the energy efficiency of power consuming durables. The label is based on a star system, wherein an ac’s performance is measured on a scale of one to five stars. The more the number of stars, the more you save on your electricity bills.

Voltas ACs and Star rating

Voltas is among the first AC brands in India to adopt the star rating initiative by BEE because of one simple reason – savings. Now you can enjoy comfortable cooling without worrying about huge electricity bills. In fact, with year on year savings on its running cost, you can recover the full cost of buying a Voltas star rated Ac in no time. Moreover, now you have a handy device to compare different ACs and choose the one that offers maximum savings. Clearly the star rating initiative is all set to change the way air conditioners are bought.

Power Saving Features of Voltas Star Rated ACs

Highest Energy Efficient Rotary Compressor
Enables minimum power consumption, higher cooling efficiency and quiet operation.
Multi-bend Heat Exchanger
Voltas ACs adopt multi-bend heat exchangers that increase the heat exchange surface area and thus improve efficiency
Trapeziform Inner-grooved Copper Tubes
This design allows adequate refrigerant flow, improves the heat exchange efficiency and lowers power consumption.
High Efficiency Design
Technologically advanced overall design allows the machine to perform at its best.