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Unbeatable Technology

Super Quiet Compressor
Our world famous compressors run more smoothly than piston compressors,thus reducing the vibration noise.
Super Quiet Fan
The indoor unit uses indoor fan with a wide diameter, different distances and slanting blades, which prevents the formation of whirling air. This results in reducing noise levels.
Super Quiet Motor
The PG no grade speed control motor is not affected by voltage fluctuations and this avoids the noise caused by the motor.
Super Quiet Design
The new golden optimised wind flow design lets the air flow smoothly and lowers the noise down to minimum.
Super Quiet Pipe
Each pipe is bent using an imported automatic three dimensional bending machine at one go. This reduces the welding knots, noise caused by box resonance and also avoids deformation.
Sleep Mode Operation
Once this function is chosen, the room temperature automatically adjusts to suit the human body temperature. You only need to press the sleep key and the air conditioner deactivates automatically by checking the fan speed and the temperature setting, avoiding excessive cooling.
Elaborate Design and Highly Efficient Refrigeration
Use of world-famous compressors ensures high cooling efficiency and long life.

Eco Friendly

Antibacterial Remote Control
The fluorescent technology adopted in the remote control makes it convenient to use in dark. Also, nano technology used in the plastic crust produces antibacterial mote which can efficiently eliminate bacteria on the remote control and avoid germ infection.
Hydrophilic Coated Aluminum Fins
Fitted in the indoor unit, this water contamination free foil enhances the heat exchange efficiency.
Golden Bio Evaporator
It efficiently prevents bacteria from breeding and spreading to create a healthy and comfortable environment.